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Archive for May, 2017

The Holy Spirit and Living as Children of God

• May 27, 2017

The life that God has given us is one that requires, on our part, obedience to Him and His will. Because the world calls the sinful nature into immediate satisfaction, there is a draw toward that conformity as a moth to a flame. This is the deception of the world. Satan wants nothing more than […]

The Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ

• May 21, 2017

The church is not a true reflection of the church originally establish by the Lord Jesus Christ in the beginning. The church today is full of tolerance and compromise in the name of Jesus that even the Biblical teachings are tainted by the lack of the Holy Spirit. It is a reflection of the fall […]

The Holy Spirit and Facing the Giants in Life

• May 13, 2017

We face many things in life that have a tendency to derailing our relationship with Christ. When people in our life come against us by condemning us for our faith, we need to stand firm in our faith. Also, Jesus teaches us to love and forgive even our enemies. The love of God was given […]